Our poker equipment

A lot of people ask us what we use to run a successfull tournament. Well here is the list :)

Bicycle Prestige PVC playing cards. These are not as expansive as the KEM cards, and sure beat the cost of buying new cards every time you play.

We use 1300 13.5 gram clay chips, which is enough to run a tournament for approximatly 30 people with some rebuys.

We use 2 custom made full size, padded, track tournament tables.

To manage the tournament blinds, players and seating. We use Dr.Neau tournament manager.

For all the web statistics we use StatsGenie.com, we can export from Dr.Neau, and import the file into StatsGenie. Again, there are some settings to do do there, but it all works great.

To send out the invitations to all players, we use the Content Management System from Atxta. This website also runs completly on the content management system, and it makes running a tournament way easier.