About each tournament

If you have never played with us before, you can only play here by invitation of a frequent player, which needs to be approved by the TD (tournament director).

Players will come around 7:30pm, pay the $15 buy-in, and the tournaments will start at 7:45pm.

Please bring your own drink, we will typically provide pizza and tipping in to cover the cost is greatly appreciated. Bringing a bag of chips, cookies, cake, dip, etc is very appreciated.

Seats will already be assigned (randomly), and name tags will show your spot. On the screens you will see a countdown timer, which indicates at what time the tournament will start.

When the tournament starts, the table leader ( the person who has the cards ), will shuffle, and deal for a high card to determine the first dealer.

The blinds will go up approximatly every 20 minutes, and will keep going up until there is only 1 player left.

All the cash will be divided by the top finishers, where the winner gets most etc. see the payout table

Tournaments will allow one rebuy, so people who get kicked out the tournament in the first 2 hours, can buy themselves back in. They will pay the entry fee again (which gets added to the prize pool), and they will receive the same amount of chips again.

Here are the rules we try to play by as much as possible, we play casually so we don't make to big of a deal of most things.